Glass Railings in Calgary

A lot of people are surprised at the security properties glass has. Installed correctly, glass a minimum thickness of 12mm has tremendous lateral support characteristics and meets all code requirements for a guard railing. With this, the design opportunities presented are miles ahead of traditional wood and steel systems.

Glass railings are prevalent in the modern home, and we are thrilled to have been working with them for so many years. This history has allowed us to refine our skills to provide you with the top quality, stunning workmanship seen in all of our completed products.

Having an extensive background like we do, gives us crucial insight into the most minute of details for your glass railing. With so many glass railing completions under our belt, I guarantee we have analyzed these systems to an extent of no other in the industry. We guarantee a safe, and beautiful finished product that will catch the eye of everyone who steps into your home.

The types of glass railings we work with are Standoff mounted glass railing, Base shoe glass railing, and post and clamps glass railing. All of these options are relatively frameless, and put the emphasis on the heave glass with its beautifly polished edges. These are our most commonly used architectural guardrails, but options are truly only limited by your imagination. We are able to produce any combination of the systems, or throw in other elements, such as steel and millwork to provide a one of a king glad railing masterpiece.

Glass railings give a sense of openness to what can be one of the tightest areas of your home, the stairwell. Glass allows light to pass through, bringing daylight to what can be an otherwise gloomy room. With careful design and intelligent configuration, the overall effect of a glass railing in massive.

At Blueglass we pioneered what we call the “shared light” glass railing. Basically this system takes what would be two panels of glass in a guardrail and makes them one. This avoids overlapping panels, and multiple seams and lines from glass edges. The result is a less cluttered, simpler looking system that pleases the eye in a soothing sort of way. The glass panels get big and challenging to template, but it is all worth it for the stunning end result.

All glass railings are breathtaking, but there is a particular style we are well know for working with that sits apart from the rest: Curved glass. The process for templating and producing curved glass is so difficult and highly technical, that the vast majority of glass companies don’t want anything to do with it. We have executed dozens of these systems and the end result is well worth the effort. Working with various international curved glass manufacturing plans, we will select the one best suited for your curved glass guardrail. The glass can be instead into the stringer edge, pocketed top and bottom or held on with glass clips. In any instance the look is otherworldly and has to be seen in person to be believed. Clients call on us nation wide due to our sterling reputation with curved glass.

To get started, contact us as early as possible in design! We can provide valuable structural and design information in the framing stages that will make the process of install much easier, and avoid common problem that arise from framework. There is no such thing as to early to start the glass railing conversation!