Glass Shower Doors & More

You have spent a lot of time and money creating your dream shower, don’t hide it behind a mass produced, cheaply made, metal laden shower enclosure. Making a poor decision now will waste all the effort put into the shower itself, lessening the aesthetic values, and making what should be a feature in your home, more of an eyesore. Choose a frameless shower enclosure! The small price difference over a prefabbed framed in unit pales in comparison to the overall effect on the shower! The light and open, easy to clean, attention grabbing heavy glass enclosure is easily the right decision!

Over the years we have supplied and installed thousand of frameless glass showers enclosures, and I have to say, we are very good at it. We spend so much time looking at showers, that we have an eye for detail that will impress even the most discerning designer. Considering things like the access to shower controls, most common route into the shower, and limiting factors in the shower door swing need to be considered together to come up with the most smartly designed shower. We treat every enclosure uniquely as its own design problem. All relevant factors must be included and considered in order to determine the best decision on function and hardware. The extra effort we put in up front, will be enjoyed by you for years of hassle free usage.

Frameless showers are produced in a heavy 10mm glass, with minimal metal hardware to really show off the all glass look, and give a feeling of openness in the Ensuite. The thicker glass draws the eye to the edging with has a beautiful diamond like bevel to it that sparkles as it catches the light. The time and effort put into the tile and fixturing of the shower, will be seamlessly showcased in your frameless shower enclosure by Blueglass.

Frameless showers can be installed with a top and bottom Uchannel, glass clamps, or with no metal at all, just structural silicone. Our preferred hardware supplier has dozens of hinge and pull options available, and custom work is always an option with one of the talented custom metal shops we work with locally. We will find the hardware that is perfect for your shower!

All showers will be site measured and reviewed with the client in person. This is the best way to ensure ample thought does into the design and layout. We then present clients with a CAD drafted sign off drawing showing all layout and hardware info. You will be looking at a digitally rendered version of the shower we worked together to design. Having a drawing allows a client to double check all detail and ensure they get exactly what they want.

All of our showers are sealed with a vinyl gasket that ensures the best water retention possible. Seals are clear so as not to take away from the all glass look. Literally every aspect of your shower from template to completion has been painstakingly analyzed to give you the best possible finished product.