Overview & Services

Blueglass offers premium residential glass options. Over and above our beautiful frameless shower enclosures and glass railings, we do:

  • glass enclosures
  • backpainted glass
  • mirror work
  • pattered glass
  • glass tops
  • glass floors
  • black glass
  • glass winerooms
  • glass walls

Limitless creative glass options for your new home!

Custom residential work requires a craft, and attention to detail unlike all other areas of the glass industry. We are working in your dream house, our guys appreciate that and respect that. From small renovations to multi million dollar new construction we approach our custom residential work with surgical precision and professionalism unheard of in the construction industry.

The clean, seamless look of glass works so well with the modern home, this is why you typically see so much glass in todays houses. Simple lines with solid surfaces, designating space while maintaining openness: creative glasswork is such a step above traditional design, its popularity is understandable.

At Blueglass we work with homeowners, Designers, and Architects to come up with the ideal creative solutions to your custom glass needs.
Other Glass features we work with are Office enclosures, glass wine rooms, back painted glass, and mirror work. If you can envision glass in your custom home, we can work with you and provide it!

Although we are very well known for work in frameless showers and glass railings, we also do industry leading work with: glass partitions, painted glass, mirrors, glass floors, curved glass, patterned glass, and backlit glass. There are virtually endless possibilities for glasswork in the custom home. If you can dream it up, we can find a way to build it out of glass!

Glass walls are an excellent way to designate space and control sound without loosing light. We see a lot of all glass office enclosures in todays home for just this reason. This combined with the savings on framing and finishing makes glass enclosures a very attractive option.

Glass doors have a unique elegance to them that the standard construction grade MDF door does not. Whether it is a passage door to a bedroom, pantry, office, ensuite, or wineroom, the glass will set it off with a design feature that catches the eye of everyone who see its. With a wide variety of hardware available for swing or sliding glass doors, we can easily find something that works with the rest of the house.

Glass floors or glass bridges are another specialty item in the custom glass industry that defies reason. Out typical glass floor is a three-ply laminated tempered glass 1 1/2” thick! Secured on the edges with structural steel or millwork, the glass can hold loads of well over 1,000 lbs! The openness and novelty of glass flooring makes it a very attractive feature for many custom homes.

You can imagine the glass floor panels get very heavy, well we have the tools and expertise to work with huge glass features. Trained manpower, power cups, transportation equipment, even cranes are at out disposal to safely handle glass panels that make most glass companies cringe. Weather it is glass floors, glass walls, or that massive shower enclosure panel that needs to get done, we can handle it.

Key glass features in a home will get the attention of visitors and perspective buyers. It doesn’t have to be a floor to ceiling seven foot wide glass wall, it can just be a smartly placed sidelight or guardrail panel. Enjoy it now, and increase the equity in your home.

Small things that are often overlooked by glass companies are a big deal to us, cleaning up a jobsite, professional behavior, are expected. Our guys will arrive and carry out the install with a smile, while being respectful of their environment, and treating your space like their own. We recognize that clients clocks mover faster than trades, and that the smallest of deficiencies is as important as a big one, and act accordingly.

It is never too early to contact us regarding a project. We commonly work off development plans to provide pricing and production input before a build even breaks ground. Getting a jump on the detail ensures the framework is done correctly to allow for the glass envisioned; many problems can be avoided by discussing the details ahead of time. All quotes we provide are valid for one year to ensure you keep to your budget and avoid any surprise expenses.